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Christy R. Underwood

Hi there! My name is Christy! I am in my mid-forties and a Texas born & raised gal. Today, I live in Connecticut because I’ve traveled the country in search of healthcare.

 I began my adult life with no knowledge on how to care for myself properly. I’ve done what most of Americans do which is eat the standard America diet & equate being thin to being healthy.  

Fast forward to over 2 decades of disease, disorder, diagnoses, & disappointment…I was dying in palliative care & needed help. Doctors only wanted to prescribe more medications & perform surgery.

 Here I am, nearly 20 surgeries in my lifetime, and operating on a lot less organs than one should be. There had to be a way to not have to prepare for my funeral. So, my doctor suggested going to the Mayo Clinic or any of the prestigious medical centers in New York. You guessed it! We moved to NYC! And it SUCKED! 

However, it forced me to take my health back into my own control & finally get well! Yeehaw!

Before Pictures

Beginning of My Decline

In this pic with my Grammy, my blood pressure was sky high & I was sweating indoors with A/C on!

me & daphne

The Worst health of my life

I worked so hard to look this good for the pic. I was sending it to my Mom to thank her for the card. Bedridden at this point 243 lbs

christy today

Chronic illness Free & Happy

Today, I am chronic illness free & able to enjoy life, exercise, run a business, take care of our home & furbabies & more!

YES, Regular People Can Heal!

I am just a regular person who forgot to go to medical school, but learned how to become my own healer. I am currently becoming certified in EFT Tapping & Reiki Healing, but I am doing this to be of more help & service to you. You don’t need a fancy degree or Einstein IQ. What you DO need is a passion to want to improve your health and the willingness to do the hard work. The steps to teach you are easy, sticking to them is where folks run into issues. Are you ready to do the work?

regular person



  • Being your own healer
  • Saving YOURSELF
  • Gratitude- DAILY
  • Plants are POWERFUL!
  • Animals of all kinds
  • Being Your Authentic Self
  • Early to bed early to rise
  • Positivity
  • Dancing & Singing
  • Books


  • Toxic living
  • Believing everything you read or see on TV
  • TV News-BLEH
  • Caffeine, dirty sugar, & processed foods
  • Impatience with the healing process
  • Diets-I DO NOT DO DIETS!
  • Bullying
  • Comparing lives & circumstances
  • Equating being thin to being healthy
  • Living inside the "Little Boxes On The Hillside"
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