Clean Up Your Laundry Routine

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Clean Up Your Laundry Routine

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Why Should I Change My Laundry Routine?

Believe me, it took me all of my adulthood to the age of 42 to dig into this subject. I loved the way Gain smelled and how clean I THOUGHT my clothes were.

However, when I began learning about toxins and the health damaging properties in the fragrances & chemicals…I began to dive deeper into:

  • laundry soaps
  • scent boosters
  • fabric softeners
  • spot cleaners
  • bleach
  • dryer sheets

Boy, was I totally shocked at everything that began to become evident. Our laundry routines are TOXIC! Toxic to us, our loved ones, our furbabies, and to the earth.

WHOA! Consider how many people in the world that are doing laundry…and you can begin to deduce that we are doing so much damage to our health & planet.

Dear Laundry: “Don’t Cha Know That You’re Toxic?”

What Can You Do About It?

Well, my friend, you can use my guide to safe laundry detergents companies. Grab your copy below.

My Gifts to You

Then, if you REALLY want to make DARN SURE that you’re getting the most non-toxic cleaning products, I have put together a recipe book that gives you my recipes for a healthier laundry routine. 

You are also getting my free training on detoxing your laundry routine that dives deeper into the subject of why we need to address our laundry.

Inside the free training:

  • Learn several of the chemicals that are harming your health.
  • Are Free & Clear products actually safer/healthier?
  • What does the (non-profit website) have to say about laundry products?
  • Are all brands that claim to be healthier actually healthier?

Grab the recipe eBook & the free class below. 

Detoxing your laundry routine is NECESSARY! It’s not optional if you’re wanting better health & a planet/place to call home for yourself &  newer generations to enjoy.

Grab Your Laundry Recipes

Free Training

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