Help Me Name Our New Kid’s Series

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Help Me Name Our New Kid’s Series

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Help Me Name Our New Kid’s Series

Last week I shared that there is a brand new children’s YouTube series coming out in mid-August! And I couldn’t be more excited for this new venture.

As you know, I have been focusing on adults with chronic illness for 18 months now. Helping folks find natural solutions and remedies for their lives and homes.

However, I have always loved working with children and feel that this exciting journey will be fun for families with young children.

Why the Change?

Since I was a chronic illness sufferer, I know all too well that it takes a lot to inspire change.

No one likes to admit they’re wrong or have the foundation of their lives shaken to its very core. It was devastating for me.

It took being on death’s door to give me that violent shove into broadening my scope of thinking.

This is true of a lot of chronic illness warriors. They are fighting the fight of their lives and doing everything in their power to just have a taste of “normalcy”.

So, turning these warriors’ beliefs and lives on their ears is like taking away the only stability they currently have.

These changes scared the hell out of me, definitely. The driving force for me was the doctors telling me to get my affairs in order.


During our chat, we can talk about your what your current health needs are & devise a wellness strategy that’s right for you! Schedule today!

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What Came Next

After I began trying natural remedies on myself and seeing gradual improvements, a new person was emerging.

Then, one day…I was healed (nearly 3 years in the making).

No, my health is not perfect. I have digestive issues due to having my gallbladder removed. There are severe issues with my hormones because I had a full hysterectomy.

So, I am working on these areas of my health.

All of these issues could have been resolved by not having 4 organs removed! 

What If?

Of course, while I have been learning about natural remedies & health I have wondered…”WHAT IF?”

What if I had known about natural remedies as a young adult? What would my life look like today?

Then, I think “what if I had known about these things since childhood?”

An Idea Was Born

So, why not teach natural health to children? My 2-3 year old preschoolers could write their names, sight read 3-4 letter words, and could use scissors, while supervised, for art projects.

If you look at other countries, you’ll see that they maximize what is taught to children at these earlier stages of life…because frankly, they’re like knowledge sponges.

They love to learn and have the capacity to learn so much because they don’t have those adult fears or inner monologue telling them that they can’t. 

Making Learning Fun is Key

What I found during all my many years of teaching and working with kiddos is that as long as you make the learning atmosphere FUN…they totally dig it!

So, this YouTube series will gently and appropriately help to educate young children (preschool & elementary ages) on natural living and healthy habits.

Let’s arm our kiddos with practices that will follow them through to adulthood!

Let’s help our kiddos not experience the wave of chronic illness that our generations have.

Help Me Give Our Series a Name!

In the form below, please leave your suggestions. You can have more than one suggestion! 

If one of your suggestions is used in part or whole, you will receive mention in the credits of the first show and receive a doTERRA gift from me (all applicants who wish to receive the doTERRA gift must reside in the USA).

During our chat, we can talk about your what your current health needs are & devise a wellness strategy that’s right for you! Schedule today!

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