Pit CRU Deodorant

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Pit CRU Deodorant

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Homemade deodorant that works! With no bad ingredients and a cinch to make, you’ll want this deodorant for your pits, for sure!

I have very sensitive underarms that baking soda seems to shred up my pits! It will look like Wolverine used his fist knives to apply deodorant to my underarms. LOL


During our chat, we can talk about your what your current health needs are & devise a wellness strategy that’s right for you! Schedule today!

Pit CRU Baking Soda Free Deodorant

My recipe for toxin & baking soda free deodorant is effective whilst being gentle to your underarms. It includes; organic tea tree & patchouli essential oils, organic-unrefined coconut oil, milk of magnesia, and arrowroot powder.  Each has a antibacterial, anti-fungal property to keep the funk at bay!
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Servings: 2 oz
Author: Christy



  • In a bowl, combine all ingredients.  Mix well until thoroughly blended.  Add the contents to a clean, glass, 2 oz jar with a lid.  Keep the deodorant covered at all times, as it can dry out.


This Toxin & Baking Soda Free Deodorant is for Dudes & Dudettes!  It is safe, effective all day, and smells wonderful.
When we learned what traditional deodorants were doing to our bodies, we knew it was time to put them in the trash for good.  We didn't want Alzheimer's, endocrine disruption, auto immune responses, and the toxin load that these products carry.  You can see what is in your traditional deodorant here.

Buying Natural Deodorants from the Store or Online

Upon ordering natural, toxin-free deodorants from different companies, my dude and I noticed quickly that they were ineffective in the keeping armpit smells at bay, and/or they used baking soda which made our underarms look and feel like minced meat.  
I tried magnesium oil, but it also irritated my underarms.  There's no way to be comfortable if your underarms are irritated, raw, and rubbing against clothing and other skin parts all day long.

Choosing the Correct Milk of Magnesia

If you get the popular brand of milk of magnesia...it has quite a bit of unwanted additions to it.  The correct milk of magnesia should only contain magnesium hydroxide and purified water.  That's all! No colors, flavors, or additives.
Believe it or not, Dollar General has this and for a very reasonable $2.25/2.50 per 12 oz.  You can also order Good Sense Milk of Magnesia from Amazon as an "add-on item", but you have to purchase $25 worth of other products to get this price.

In Closing

I've made many variations of this deodorant, (i.e. no coconut oil and different essential oils).  In our home, we like this version best because it can be worn by us both, and is easier to make one deodorant instead of 2.
One tip I want to share  to make my deodorant application last longer is, to apply the deodorant, then add my favorite essential oil to it as well. Personally, I use doTERRA's Balance or Peppermint (has a cooling effect). Just keep proper dilution and skin sensitivities in mind when choosing to apply oils topically.
I hope that you and yours enjoy this deodorant as much as we do here in our home.
The only thing I must warn about is that it will leave white marks/spots on any color clothing other than white.  So, I put my clothing on, and then put the deodorant on.  This keeps the clothing free of white marks/spots. 

During our chat, we can talk about your what your current health needs are & devise a wellness strategy that’s right for you! Schedule today!

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