Plant-Based Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Plant-Based Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

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Check Out The Video Above

If you need some plant-based hacks to enjoy some delicious Mexican recipes (like the ones featured below), don’t miss out on this video.

It’s Not All Salads!

LMAO! I know that when I FINALLY made the switch to veganism (I wasn’t aware of the plant-based movement at first), I was like “great, this is going to be one rabbit’s meal after another”.

Boy, am I glad I was wrong.

To be quite honest, I eat no more salad than I did before. That said…I do like salads.

The point is, you don’t have to eat like a rabbit all day every day to be a plant-based vegan.

Mexican Food

Look, if I could have Mexican food EVERY dang day…I would. 

BUT…I am also trying to make sure that I don’t run my Dude off too! LOL 

Cinco de Mayo Taco Tuesday is a rare occurrence, so I wanted to share some Mexican-inspired recipes with you so that you can enjoy a Meatless Monday or spice up your plant-based recipe index.

Jackfruit Tacos

If you like shredded chicken or beef, or pulled pork…you can transform GREEN jackfruit in brine to taste like any of these items. The secret is in the seasoning and/or marinade.

My Jackfruit Crunchy Tacos recipe is not marinaded, but it so should be. This is a quick & easy recipe.

One day soon, I hope to have a marinaded version of this to share with you!

Jackfruit Crunchy Tacos TVC

Jackfruit Crunchy Tacos

I used to eat crunchy tacos from a drive-thru and dine-in restaurants.  They can't compete with these easy to make and delicious to eat Jackfruit Crunchy Tacos!
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 12 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes
Servings: 4 people
Author: Christy


Toppings for the Tacos

  • 1 cup organic, fresh tomatoes diced
  • 1 cup organic lettuce or greens of your choice
  • 1 cup organic red onions petite diced
  • 1 cup Go Veggie cheddar or pepper jack cheese optional
  • 2 organic avocados diced


  • Preheat the oven to 375F for your taco shells.  Prepare your toppings for the tacos. Place the toppings on a plate, platter, or in bowls.  I usually will add Himalayan pink salt and organic black pepper to the veggies for extra WOW! You could even sprinkle a little of the sazon too.
  • Open, drain, and rinse the jackfruit. On a cutting board, begin to shred the jackfruit.  It will look like shredded chicken.  Add the shredded jackfruit to a saute pan.
  • To the saute, add the sofrito, onion, garlic, spices and olive oil.  
  • Place your taco shells on a cookie sheet and put them into the oven.  Cook for 5-7 minutes (or as directed on package).
  • Begin sauteing your jackfruit.  Do this for 5-7 minutes.  Taste the jackfruit.  If it needs anything, adjust to your preferences.


Jackfruit Crunchy Tacos

In all honesty, my dude doesn't like tacos.  They fall apart, and make you look quite silly while eating.  He will just make them into a taco bowl. LOL
But when I made these for the first time, last year, he LOVED THEM! He didn't complain one time.  He loved them and even mentioned them again many times.  SCORE!


Any of the topping choices I have recommended, you can add or subtract depending on what you prefer.  You can ditch the cheese (and it tastes great without it) or cashew sour cream.  Switch those toppings for Guac-amole for Everyone and CRU's Salsa.  You could also add chopped cilantro, black beans, corn...the toppings are full of possibilities.

Salsa & Sofrito

If you don't have the sofrito made, you can just use CRU's Salsa instead.  Both the sofrito and salsa have onions, peppers,cilantro, garlic, tomatoes, and spices.  The ingredient amounts vary, hence why they taste so different.
Serve this as a quick meal, or add CRU's Black Beandip. 
Happy Chewing!
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Cashew “Sour Cream”

In all my earlier years, if you would’ve asked me to switch from dairy sour cream to cashew “sour cream”, I would’ve said you’re nuts! 

No joke, I could sit and eat a container of dairy sour cream on tacos or baked potatoes with no problem…other than the damage it was doing to my health.

Fast forward to today, and dairy sour cream tastes bad to me because cashew sour cream beats it hands down. You’ll see!

Cashew Sour Cream

Cashew Sour Cream

Cashew sour cream tastes better than the dairy version. This isn't just my opinion, either! We love that we can enjoy this tasty topping & be vegan in doing so.
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Keyword: dairy-free, easy, gluten-free, qucik, vegan
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 cups
Author: Christy R. Underwood


  • 1 cup organic cashews plain not roasted
  • 1/2 small organic lemon squeezed
  • 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar with the mother
  • 1 pinch Himalayan pink salt
  • 3/4 cup filtered water


  • Boil about 1.5 cups of water. Add the boiling water to the cashews, in a bowl. Allow the cashews to sit in the hot water for 15-20 minutes. This will soften the cashews & make the texture of the cream smoother. Then, drain the water off the cashews.
  • Put the cashews in your Ninja, food processor, or Vitamix
  • Add the rest of the ingredients to your blender/food processor
  • Blend for 1 minute and then scrape the sides down. Begin blending again and do so for 2 more minutes or until your cashew sour cream is smooth or your desired texture. You may want to add a little more water using about a tablespoon at a time to reach your desired consistency.
  • Enjoy!

Mexican Tofu Crumbles

If you’re looking for a plant-based “ground beef/chicken/turkey” texture…then using tofu crumbles (made from firm tofu) is where it’s at.

It goes great in nachos, tacos, enchiladas, tamales, taquitos, empanadas. If you can think of a ground meat dish, tofu crumbles can be a great substitute.

Yes, it is a goitrogenic food. But guess what?!? There are a ton of goitrogenic foods & even medications.

Dr. Michael Greger of has stated that people with underactive thyroid issues, like Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism, can consume goitrogenic foods as long as they are mindful of their iodine intake.

Also know that if thyroid-deficient folks gave up all goitrogenic foods, that they would be nutrient deficient. Eating for your thyroid is about a balance of nutrients and also eating fiber-rich (non-processed) carbohydrates like legumes, potatoes, gluten-free grains, fruits & veggies.

Just keep in mind that if you are eating tofu, that it should always be organic tofu or tempeh. GMO soy is a lot of the reason Americans are unhealthy.

Mexican Tofu Crumbles

Mexican Tofu Crumbles

Mexican Tofu Crumbles are a very versatile plant-based option to use in the place of ground meat.
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: dairy-free, easy, gluten-free, oil free, vegan
Servings: 1 lb
Author: Christy R. Underwood



  • Preheat the oven to 420°F.
  • Open the package of tofu & drain the water off. Then, on a sheet pan, put the tofu on it & begin squishing it between your fingers until it has the look of ground meat.
  • Add all of the spices to the tofu & then toss the tofu to evenly disperse the spices
  • Put into the oven & allow it to bake for about 15 minutes. Then, with a spatula, flip the tofu over and continue to bake until your desired doneness. I will bake it for 5-7 more minutes...but you may like it slightly more done.
  • Then, use your new meat crumbles in any of your fave Mexican or Tex-Mex recipes for a delicious, "meaty" plant-based protein.

GUAC-amole For Everyone!

Seriously, I think I have met 1 or 2 people that do not like avocados or guacamole.  So, I feel that guac should be for EVERYONE! hehe

In the video above, I shared my hack to making guacamole quickly, easily & without all that chopping & smashing avocados! YAY! So, make sure you check out the short video above.


Guac (amole) for EVERYONE!

Guac for EVERYONE is just that! There's no dairy, nuts, gluten, soy, sugar...just yummy goodness! If you have a lectin intolerance, cut the tomatoes.  If you have a tolerance issue with jalapenos, cut those out. This recipe is versatile, but is FABULOUS just the way it is!
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4 servings
Author: Christy


  • 2 perfectly ripe organic avocados remove skin and pit
  • 1/2 medium organic onion cut in half
  • 1 small organic fresh jalapeno top cut off and cut in half
  • 1/2 cup cilantro
  • 1 medium tomato cut into quarters
  • Himalayan pink salt to taste
  • organic black pepper to taste
  • dash Homemade Sazon to taste
  • 1/2-1 medium organic lime juice freshly squeezed


  • Cut all veggies, and get rid of the peel to the avocado.  Keep the pits. Add everything to your Ninja (or whatever you have). Blend to perfection.
  • Put the guac in a serving bowl. Then, add those pits back to the guac.  This will keep it from turning brown so quickly. When you cover it with plastic wrap, put the plastic wrap right on top of the guac rather than covering the bowl itself. When the plastic wrap is placed directly on top of the guac, it deters air from getting to the avocado. Refrigerate if you aren't ready to gobble it up! Enjoy!
    Guac with the pits


Holy Guacamole...for EVERYONE!

If you have a lectin intolerance...cut the tomatoes. You can also 86 the jalapeno if you're not into a little spice. However you make this's for everyone. There's no dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, or nuts. So, go nuts!

My Guac Has Morphed

During the years, I would try different people's recipes or try it from different restaurants. There have been times that I have used sour cream, yogurt, added shredded cheese, and even added some mayo. Some folks don't want tomatoes or jalapenos, but that has never been an option in my recipes.  I love both equally.

Avocado Sauce

If you try any of those dairy products in the guac get avocado sauce. You can use the sauce for enchiladas or to dip. Since we are vegan, we need to use vegan sour cream or yogurt, though.


I have used Ninja blender/chopper/food processor for nearly a decade. Sure, I've seen the wonder of some of the other brands' capabilities, but this is affordable and works perfectly for me.

Plastic Wrap

I am so against single use plastics and plastics in general. BUT for this guac, I make an exception. It's the difference of having beautifully tasting and looking guac and having that gnarly brown stuff. We don't want to have that! Yuck.
Although I would LOVE to eat guac everyday, I don't. So, having some plastic wrap on the guac periodically, I feel, is OK.

Have Your Guac & Eat It Too

Guacamole is a very healthy food to have.  What we use to dip it with can be unhealthy. Add it to salads, entrees, or use Late July's Quinoa & Chia Seed Tortilla Chips are organic and are on my OK foods to enjoy every now and then. We can also dip the guac with fresh veggies. Practice safe guac! LOL
Happy Guac, y'all!

What Is Your Fave Mexican Dish?

I’d love to hear about your fave Mexican dishes. Mainly because I love to try & veganize traditional recipes that use meat & dairy.

So, leave me a comment below about your favorite Mexican dish(es) and hopefully, I can get some new recipes out soon!

Plant-Based Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

In the end, you don’t have to settle for flavorless foods while living a plant-based lifestyle.

What I found was that my foods were boring UNTIL I made this switch. Now, I have a passion for food like never before.

Many pro athletes (football, baseball, soccer, runners…) and even Arnold Schwarzenegger have made the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

Save Your Health

We can save our personal health and our planet’s health by having less CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) & animal diseases being passed onto humans.

In this video filmed in 2008, “Pandemics: History & Prevention”, Dr. Michael Greger taught us why CAFO’s are not only harming the planet & sentient animals, it’s harming us too.

If we have learned anything in 2020…it’s that being prepared and educated are key to our survival.

In Closing

Being plant-based has opened so many doors for me personally. 

I would never offer the public a fad diet or food choices that aren’t backed by scientific data. What the data proves is that when we are plant-based, we will see a better immune system, improved or eradicated chronic illness symptomatology, enjoy enhanced mental health, & even healthier skin/hair/nails. 

Do you need/want:

  • More ENERGY
  • Strong immune system
  • Less chronic dis-ease
  • Support, education,  & accountability to be there for you while you make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle?

In the Immune System Reboot online course, you can tap into all of that (provided you do the work) PLUS gain access to the Advanced Wellness CRU for FREE! 

This combo of the online course & Advanced Wellness CRU is like having your own personal cheerleading section, someone to bounce ideas off of, obtain additional training/tips/hacks, & help you safeguard your future from viral threats, disasters, & crises that will arise at any given time.

Want to learn more about how to be prepared and improve your health?

Let’s chat! Free of charge! I want to help you achieve your wellness goals!

Click the image or button below to schedule your free chat today! 

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