Self-Care is Healthcare

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Self-Care is Healthcare

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Self-Care is Healthcare

For some odd reason, I used to have the mindset that taking care of myself was selfish. I’ve always thought that if I was taking care of loved ones, which I have done a lot of in my lifetime, that THEY came first.

Have you been there?

Parents will see this for sure. We bring children into the world & it is up to us to care for them, no matter the cost to our health, sanity, or wallet.

Maybe you’re caring for your elder like a grandparent or parent. I know all too well what putting their needs ahead of your own is like. They were an integral part of our upbringing and occupy huge space in our hearts…obviously we have to put them first, because they put us first.

There are many other scenarios where we will put ANYTHING, like work/school/people/partying first rather than our health.

I know for me, I used to operate under the thought that I had all the time in the world. Until I learned that I don’t.

Limited time & not knowing our expiration date is what makes life precious. 

In order to make our limited time here as enjoyable as possible, it is necessary to take care of ourselves.

Examples of Self-Care

So, what is true self-care?

Is it staying out late & partying? Is it foregoing eating healthy because it’s inconvenient? Is it procrastinating your self-care until your body MAKES you take a break?


I have done my fair share of partying, eating convenience foods, & also spent 4 years bedridden & in palliative care because my body did make me take a break.

Hear my mistakes…and please learn from them.

What is true self-care? What does that look like?

  • A nice walk in nature to improve your air quality, get some sunshine, & get some movement in.
  • Meditation is a great way to spend some quality time with just YOU
  • Making a detox mask or bath
  • Cooking a healthy meal or meal-prepping for the week
  • Reading a book to further your education along or to relax
  • Taking an online course or a class at a physical school location for personal devolpment
  • EFT tapping is a great way to enhance your self-care
  • Getting some sort of exercise
  • Journaling 
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Dancing & singing to music or playing a musical instrument
  • Nurturing your inner creative mind with art, music, writing, etc…
  • Drinking herbal teas
  • Taking necessary supplements
  • Using non-toxic self-care products

There are MANY ways to employ healthy self-care practices. They key word that is in bold, italicized & underlined is “HEALTHY”.


Self-Care is Healthcare

Need Some Non-Toxic Self-Care Recipes?

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Want More Self-Care Recipes?

Grab more self-care recipes to pamper yourself the healthy way in this free eBook!

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Sharing is Caring

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