What Decluttering Can Do for You

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

What Decluttering Can Do for You

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Are You A Clutter Bug?

Clutter can begin without even thinking about it. I know that there are many times that I look in my purse to find old receipts and trash.

Basically, I would find things in my purse that I had no recollection of placing in there or leaving in there time and again. 

We’re busy. It takes time to clean out our spaces…and it takes time to make a clear-minded decision on what best to do with the clutter we accumulate. 

Does this sort of thing happen to you? 

Maybe you have a junk drawer, closet, basement, attic, or garage space? 

Spark Joy

By now, everyone knows about Marie Kondo’s Netflix special and book.

Just in case you don’t read or subscribe to Netflix…Marie Kondo is an amazing lady who has helped TONS of people declutter their homes & lives.

If your items don’t spark joy, then it’s time to get rid of those items by selling them, donating them, or putting them in the trash.

She also has great space-saving methods for your clothes by folding them a certain way.

My Dude had NEVER heard of Marie Kondo, but he did the laundry one time & began folding the clothes just like Marie shows you in her Netflix series.

My jaw dropped. LOL Way to go, Dude! Way. To. Go!

5 Ways Decluttering Benefits You

So, let’s dive into how decluttering can help you!

  1. Makes going home a treat! A RE-TREAT! When we have our space decluttered, we will WANT to go home & spend time there.
  2. Eat healthier! Did you know that we’re more apt to eat unhealthy foods when we live in clutter & chaos? It’s due to feeling anxious & unhealthy comfort foods, as we know, will help us to feel better…about darn near anything.
  3. You’re surrounded by the things that you love when you’re at home, rather than unsorted clutter. This makes anxiety, sleep, and stress improve.
  4. Lose weight. Clutter tends to stimulate the fight or flight hormone cortisol. Cortisol is necessary, when we have REAL danger in our midst. However, cortisol is getting triggered when we see that our space needs sorting out. Therefore, if you spend any amount of time at home, cortisol levels could be spiked consistently causing weight issues & sparking that need for unhealthy comfort food, as mentioned before. 
  5. Experience more energy! We may not be physically exhausted from doing a lot, but mental exhaustion is just as tiring, if not more. Clearing out your space will help to energize you, make your space a place you WANT to be, but also allow you the mental decluttering too. We tend to carry our clutter with us, even if subconsciously. 

Mental Affects Physical

Even if you feel you have become quite friendly with your clutter, remember that it does affect us on a subconscious level.

When we feel cluttered in our mind or dread going home, if this feeling persists, it can begin to affect our physical well-being.

We are ONE eco-system. We don’t function in separately bodily systems. 

Rather, when one thing (like a cluttered home), begins to weigh on us mentally, we will start to notice that these issues will present themselves into our physical health.

We will notice issues like:

  • anxiety
  • sleep interruptions
  • nutrition/weight issues (because we’re prone to eating more unhealthy foods when we are disorganized)
  • depression

Are You A Procrastinator?

Don’t worry, no judgment if you are. I used to have this issue in spades. Part of it was due to fear of success and the dread of work, but some of it had to do with clutter issues too.

Clutter makes us not want to face our issues because we dread the amount of work that it will take to clean our space up & sort things out.

So, take that first step. 

Start with a one item or 1 drawer. Then, build from there. The point is to get started and to stick with it until your space…SPARKS JOY!

While You Clean

I have a few pointers to help your decluttering go more smoothly.

  • If you’re anxious about starting a big project, diffuse frankincense or put some in your nostrils & then inhale. Frankincense will help to calm you. When you apply it in your nostrils, it can help keep harmful germs from entering into your airway when you breathe.
  • Diffuse or apply lavender essential oil to your wrists, back of the neck or temples if you’re feeling depressed or overwhelmed by the process. It can also help to soothe your skin if you get a paper cut or scraped by moving things around.
  • If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed about beginning the decluttering process, taking some CBD oil will help to calm those feelings AND provide you with focus to perform the task of cleaning & organizing.
  • To help to purify the air, should you have some accumulation of dust, lemon essential oil is great to help detoxify the air.
  • Check out this diffuser blend below that will help with allergies that may become activated while cleaning…but it will also purify the air and help to make the experience of cleaning more calm and focused.



In Closing

The only way to better your clutter situation is to confront it & tackle it. Even if you do one drawer or one closet at a time…YOU CAN DO THIS!

We are having a March challenge inside my natural wellness Facebook group. Every day, we will get rid of ONE item that does not “spark joy” by selling it, donating it, or putting it in the trash.

Whoever does 1 item per day & marks their progress on all 31 days of post (inside the group), they will be entered into the drawing to win a prize. This month’s prize is a total system of CBD & CBG oils.

CBD is great for helping reduce pain, may improve focus, it can enhance calm, can reduce depression, may improve sleep & more. 

CBG is great for gut health, may improve inflammatory bowel disease may help with bladder dysfunction, may help with fighting cancer, might improve issues with glaucoma & more.

This total system is a part of my natural wellness routine. I would never recommend something or give prizes away that aren’t vetted/used by me.

Join our kindhearted community even if it isn’t March 1st or the month of March 2020. The group contains Units that has TONS of natural wellness education.

I also have a daily LIVE series called “Tea With Christy”. These daily live videos correspond to a weekly wellness topic.

We have monthly challenges to win prizes just like the one mentioned.

We’d love to have you aboard! Invite your people too! If you know folks that would benefit from a more natural lifestyle, support, and  education without coercion…we’re your CRU!

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