What the Heck Should I Eat?

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

What the Heck Should I Eat?

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This Question! Am I Right?

“What the heck should I eat?” It’s the title of books, is constantly being discussed on social media & in regular media…everyone has an opinion. So, I am going to add to those opinions with a little science behind it.

Fad Diets

Well, I already lost most of you with that title alone LOL. 

Fad diets can range from the totally insane military diet where you just consume hotdogs, eggs, & coffee (mainly) to the tapeworm diet where folks ingest a tapeworm to help them lose weight.

We are so concerned with outward appearance that we will do damn near anything to achieve that pant-size & scale goal.

Never mind that we have harmed our health both mentally and physically because we’re too concerned with weight and appearance.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t want to achieve a healthier weight…but there is a way to go about it without doing sometimes long-term or irreversible damage to ourselves.

The irreversible damage comes into play when we are anorexic or bulimic to our untimely demise.

Are All Fad Diets Harmful?

My feelings on this question are a HELL YES! 

When we put scale & pant-size goals in front of having a healthy body…that’s dangerous! 

It takes a long time to become unhealthy, so it will take time to lose weight in a healthy way. Learning to be patient & accepting of yourself in the interim is where true health & wellness abide.

We MUST love ourselves just the way we are everyday while also taking steps to better ourselves too.

So, What Should Be On My Plate Every Day?

Well, I am so thrilled you asked hahaha

In this infographic below, you will see what should be on your plate every day.

Please know that I did not include herbs, spices, or water intake. But you should be getting those incorporated into your diet daily as well. 

Herbs help provide flavorful vitamins & minerals while spices provide delicious flavors to make eating healthy a treat.


Infographic What The Heck Should I Eat

Is This ALL I Should Eat?

My friend, you will want to look at your macros, consult with your holistic nutritionist, and tailor make a plan that is right for your current nutritional needs and health goals.

The foods I have listed above are the minimal amounts that we require daily to have healthy carbs, fats, fiber, & proteins. 

I know that I could Hoover through this list in a meal, if I allowed myself to. Not really, but it does seem like just a little food when you compare it to what is served on these huge platters here in America.

For me, I probably eat closer to 2-3 cups of beans (including soy/tofu) per day rather than 1.5 cups. My seed intake is closer to 2 tbsp per day. Then, my vegetable intake is 5-6 cups per day -sometimes.

Did you grab your 7 healthy Mexican-Inspired recipes? Inside this article are SIX more recipes! Grab them today! PS there is a free class on this page, “Is Soy the Enemy?” to help you understand the research that helped me shift my thoughts about soy which may be interesting or beneficial to you.

Mexican Tofu Crumbles

That’s Too Many Beans, Dude

You don’t need to freak out! LOL There are many ways to get your bean intake in & not stress about it.

When you have a snack, eat hummus & veggies. When you make a sauce for your Buddha bowls, use hummus in the mix. You can also roast chickpeas for a crunchy topping to go on your salad or as a main dish.

Add black beans to a morning hash recipe

Very easy! Eating beans doesn’t have to be that pot of beans you’re accustomed to, unless you’re into that sort of thing. 

Organic Gluten-Free Grains

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS opt for organic, PLEASE! It’s for your health!

These grains include:

  • Quinoa (sometimes it can mimic gluten, so test it out for yourself to see how you tolerate it)
  • Buckwheat
  • Millet
  • Brown Rice
  • Wild Rice
  • Amaranth (I love to pop this grain)
  • Teff
  • Gluten-Free Oats
  • Corn

Make sure that you opt for the brown rice versions of rice. When rice is stripped down of the outer hull to make white rice, the nutrients are also taken away and also makes it an uber processed food.

Healthy Fats

No where on this list is cooking oils. I do not find them to be healthy as they are just empty calories & are usually rancid. Would you rather have 480 calories in 4 tbsp of olive oil or 480 calories of REAL food?

I know my answer! REAL FOOD!

Plus, we can get our fats from whole food sources like:

  • Nuts 
  • Nut Butters
  • Seeds
  • Seed Butters
  • Avocados


Fiber is the MOST important thing you will consume. Sure fats & proteins are important…but fiber helps us to keep our bowels moving!

We need those bowels to vacate so that we can purge toxins, bacteria, parasites, and mucus.

Not to mention, when we are constipated, food ferments in our guts and that leads to leaky gut.

Leaky gut are small tears in the intestinal wall that allow food particles, bacteria, waste, toxins, bacteria, & parasites into the blood stream. This causes widespread inflammation and therefore leads to dis-ease.

Check out my article about how to ease constipation.

Processed Foods

Last but certainly not least! Processed & convenience foods are no friend of ours. When we can have a diet full of whole foods that are plant-based, we will see much less disease & disorder mentally & physically.

I know we have busy lives. But if we will spend 1-2 hours one evening or on our day off to meal prep for the week…then we have convenience & healthy foods at the same time.

THIS is where true health is achieved. When you have a plan & stick to it consistently…you will feel & be your best self!

Isn’t that the goal?

Immune System

Getting our immune system is key to building our great house of health. I like to refer to the immune system as the foundation of our house of health.

When we address the immune system with our diet (and eating these foods mentioned in this article is a great start), we are going to see far much less chronic disease.

Would you like to learn how to ramp up your immune system using natural remedies & learn how to become more in control over your own health & see a doctor less? 

At the bottom of this article, you will see an invitation to ramp up your immune system, naturally! 

Are you ready to feel better?

In Closing

When you stick to the foods in this graphic, you are also keeping your diet more alkaline, which is also necessary to induce a healing state.

Acidity fuels disease. 

I refer to this article by the big cancer center giant, in Houston Texas, MD Anderson. My ex-husband & I lived at this hospital for nearly a year to treat his rare bone cancer. This information was not well-known 2 decades ago.

However, I am THRILLED that they are seeing it now.

We all need/want to be free from cancer. So, let’s do ALL we can to reduce our risks. These foods I have mentioned above & the need to have 1-3 bowel movements every day are a great way to insure your success.

This style of eating literally saved my life. Are you willing to do the work…because YOU DESERVE THE RESULTS!

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