Where Hope & Health Unite

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Christy R. Underwood

Christy R. Underwood

Just a regular chick who figured out how to heal from many chronic illnesses who wants to inspire you to do the same.

Where Hope & Health Unite

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It’s Hard to Hope Sometimes

I get it! Being hopeful amongst the shit that life can sometimes be full of can be difficult.

Pandemics, people we love passing away or are suffering in some way shape form or fashion, people screaming on social media about politics & religion and forecasting doom & gloom all day, financial struggles, bullying, illness, injury, starvation, cruelty and so much more are happening all day every day. 

So, trying to find a glimmer of hope in our life can be difficult sometimes.

It sure was for me as I was trying to navigate many chronic illnesses. If you have heard me tell my story, you know that it took a nurse pointing out all that was positive in my life for me to begin taking a closer look into my life & mindset.

If a complete stranger can see positive things about my life, why couldn’t I? Why did I not see these things?

As A Youngin’

When I was young, I had this same mindset. Doom, gloom, and I always thought the worst would happen.

My dad would tell my impatient self to “keep my shirt on” and play this game with me where he would tell me NOT to smile or have fun because that would be awful. He would say, “please don’t smile”. LOL And every stinkin’ time, I smiled!

So, this negative mindset has been around for most of my life as it is for a lot of people.

This isn’t our fault! It’s part of the fight or flight response that is scanning our atmosphere for danger.

We don’t want any more stress or danger than we are currently dealing with, right?

However, this fight or flight lens that we are looking through is not appropriate for every life event because we can end up Negative Nancy’s & Ned’s. This negative lens not only makes us unpopular to hang out with, but it’s also health-damaging.

Hope’s Role In Health

So, what if you’re in the shoes I was in…many chronic illnesses, in severe pain, bedridden, and no life whatsoever?

Where does hope come from?

For me, it was hearing someone else point out the positives in my life that helped me realize that I still had breath in my lungs & life to live.

Maybe this blog article can be your inspiration for change. Perhaps a family member or friend has or will say something to inspire change.

The point is that we NEED hope in our wellness journey.

Hope is a positive dream or visualization of having better times. Hope comforts our hearts & minds.

A Chinese Proverb:

When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy. 

In this article by Psychology Today, it says that people who have hope when they are in the throes of serious illness are able to tolerate pain better than folks who aren’t hopeful.

There are also studies that show folks that have hope and a more positive outlook to life see less chronic dis-ease.

When my ex-husband was going through chemo, all of his oncology doctors said the same thing…”focus on having a positive mindset & keep hopeful because the mind is powerful”.

The Mind Is Our Most Powerful Weapon

We can either use our minds to fuel dis-ease via stress and our lack of hope and positivity OR we can use our extremely powerful weapon/tool to heal, see improved pain levels, have better cardiovascular health, have better mental health, have stronger immune systems, and even improve sleep.

I had no idea that my negative outlook was fueling the disease that was wreaking havoc on my life. And that may be true for you too.

But when we allow negativity to lead in our lives, we are initiating the fight or flight response which then leads to cortisol and adrenaline surges in our bodies.

We will put on weight from too much cortisol, reach for not-so-healthy foods to help calm our nerves, engage in unhealthy habits like drinking or drug use to help calm our stress and nerves, see weakened immune systems, and lose sleep when we are going to that negative place consistently.

You have heard me mention this a million times, and I will say it a million more; we are ONE eco-system. When one area of our health is out of sorts, it will begin causing issues in other areas of our health.

Our mental health affects our physical health & vice versa.

So, would you rather expel energy that is fueling dis-ease OR would you like to see improved health by finding hope, joy, peace, and love? You take that hope, joy, peace, & love and shine that awesomeness into every area of your life. 

The outcome is not just transformational…it’s necessary if you want more abundance and great health!

Moreover——-IT’S CONTAGIOUS! It spills over into other people’s day and brightens up their moods and outlooks too!

We Attract What We Expel

What energy do you put out into the world? How do you speak about yourself to others or to yourself in private?

Do you expel negative energy in your conversations in person, online, or via video/phone chats?


Do you share the love, positivity, & light that is present in your life?

A couple of years ago, I began learning more about energy and the law of attraction.

Are you like me & just didn’t see that our own thoughts and feelings were impacting our relationships & health?

I had NO CLUE that I could improve my life and health (both mentally and physically) by finding things to be grateful for and finding the silver linings in my trials & struggles!

When I began implementing this daily gratitude exercise and tending to the energy that I was expelling…life got much easier mentally and positivity became 2nd nature. That all lead to improved physical health too.

All of that happened because I was expelling that which I wanted to attract.

The Power of Positivity

I’ve had the honor of knowing some incredible people in my life. Since I’ve been learning about energy & the law of attraction, I have seen how people with little to no money can live the most amazingly happy lives. There have been instances that I have seen people with every reason to be angry or negative about their situation STILL finding hope & positivity and living joyous lives.

You don’t have to be rich or even healthy to begin seeking out hope, positivity, & light. You don’t have to be problem-free or perfect either. Guess what..no one is problem-free or perfect!

Let me ask you this question, “what’s the WORST that could happen by being more hopeful and positive?”

We’re Expelling Energy…

We are made of energy. We expel energy all day long, even while we sleep!

The question we have to ask ourselves is, “do I want to spend my energy on negativity and subpar health results OR do I want to use this energy to improve my life & offer a glimmer of hope and health to myself & others that I have the privilege of having a relationship with?”  

We aren’t promised tomorrow!! During my 46 years on this planet, it has taught me that life is SHORT!

Even though I was late to implement hope and positivity in my life…it quite literally SAVED my life & relationships!

Please know that it is NEVER too late! If you still have the ability to breathe, you have the opportunity to improve your mindset.

Mindset Matters

Nowadays, businesses are looking to hire folks with higher emotional intelligence rather than those that may have the most skill set or education for the job.

Doctors are encouraging their patients to reduce stress in their lives because they know the health repercussions of chronic stress.

Today, I am wanting to empower & inspire you to expel & exude the light, love, & HOPE that is in your life and heart.

Shout it from the rooftops, post it on social media, and smile inward every day to infuse hope into your daily self-care routine. I do this by smiling at every organ and tissue and then thanking my body for doing its job.

We may not have the exact health we want…but we are still breathing and alive. So, that means our bodies are working to some degree. 

Show yourself some much-needed & deserved gratitude and even try on some hope for size! I promise ~you won’t be sorry.

EFT Tapping For

EFT Tapping is a very calming tool to help us see improved physical & mental health by easing our stress, worry, and anxiety. 

Here is a brief description of EFT Tapping from this Healthline article

Similar to acupuncture, EFT focuses on the meridian points — or energy hot spots — to restore balance to your body’s energy. It’s believed that restoring this energy balance can relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused.

I’ve noticed and enjoyed the peace & serenity that tapping gives in my own life and am wanting to share that with you.

Currently, I am finishing up getting my certification in EFT/TFT tapping which will open up more services I provide to you!

Please know that this is my first tapping video without guidance in my earbuds. So, I did have to edit this time around.

As I do more videos, this won’t be the case. Thank you for tapping with me today, I hope that you are feeling more calm, relaxed AND HOPEFUL!

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Sharing is Caring

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